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Who is Gunnar Heilmann?

Gunnar Heilmann works focuses on capturing light as a main subject in digital photography. With a background in engineering and innovation, he transcripts this approach into single shot pictures with a minimal treat in post production. The long-exposure photographs deploy light as a tool and as a subject. This technique, titled Light Painting, influences the viewer´s perception of the environment, often creating new sculptural forms, scales and atmospheres into landscapes as well as deep and whimsical portraits:

Photography drives me for many years in this channel I share the backstage, the process, trips, inspirations and techniques of my work.

Mostly focussed on Light Painting, My photographic works comprises nature, animals, people, architecture and the combination with long exposure night photography.

Follow here for upcoming tutorials on light painting, light art, long exposures and creative photography in general. Take part in the adventure travels around the world and let me show you remote locations, introduce you to the people I meet along the way and steps into creating always something NEW with light.


What i do ? Here is a small selection of my work.

Tube Light Painting

Tube Light Painting

Fiber Optic Light Painting Portraits

Fiber Optic Light Painting Portraits

Heart’s of Light

Heart's of Light

Landscape Light Painting

Landscape Light Painting

Tube Light Painting Portraits

Tube Light Painting Portraits

Drone Light Painting

Drone Light Painting

Camera Rotation

Camera Rotation



For the Love of Tree’s


Being lucky to travel the world as much as i do, i get to light paint during the night at some pretty awesome places. My travel expertise therefore has to extend beyond the photography technique, but also travelling 'light' and efficient to have as many tools 'onboard' when on the go. I love to explore our planet and can’t wait to get out there again.
This is my current travel map. Not sure if thats something to be proud of, but thats just it.


Want to meet up?

That was one of my main questions. Asking as well as asked. For those of you who are already in Light Painting as well, you know its so much more fun when doing it together with friends. When travelling around the world i have always tried to find like minded photographers who would like to colaborate or shoot together. Meeting locals is always so much better than just with the Lonley Planet.
That was the main reason to think about a platform / directory / map / data base of Light Painters i can connect with on. In Dan Chick from Denver, Colorado i found not only a friend and a like minded photographer but a software developer with incredible skills. He said man yes lets do this. So the two of us joined in on the venture. The team was completed when Regean and Natalia joined in as well.

In Fall 2018 the long discussed idea became a plan on 1st of February 2019 Lightpainters.com went ‚life‘.
Want to meet up? Put yourself also onto the map so i can find you and your work and see if i can plan the next road trip to see some more light painters.

Lets find each other on LightPainters.com



In Sven we trust. One of those friends that a solid beyond just words. We have collaborated on several projects and i guess we both learn so many things. I love his entire crew! No doubt about that. If you are familiar with german you may learn from him as well. He does have a huge blog with so much information. Follow his Facebook or Instagram account as well.


Sometimes i get lucky. I feel so, also because of the team of LightPaintersParadise! Proudly i can say they named me Ambassador for their products. I comes easy, as i can test light opainting tools they make early during the development as well as get to play with. It has become a wonderful colaboration and i feel really gratful for their trust.

Sounds Like We Might Click?

You are interested in a collaboration or commisioned art. Lokking forward to meet up with you to discuss your project. Loving the challenge!



You can find me on all sorts of social media and various different photography plattforms, so if you like to follow my work look up my name.

Instagram has really lost its attraction and is no longer reliable as a ’social media‘. To bad, actually sad but, yes i think it will slowly lose its relevance. Anyhow here is a quick Instagram Up Date:

  • A week after a sensorial Lightning Storm called Light Up Berlin I want to say thank you to all of you who participated in the event. Not only during it happens but just around it before and after. Yesterday I was sitting with Sven, Marla, Eric and Natalia for a partial debrief.

We looked at what we accomplished: 16 countries, 200 people and several collaborations  with other artists from varied areas. We are listening to feedback and assimilating the next steps.

Collectively and with ours (and yours) efforts, Lightup Berlin 2020 is in our horizon. All your inout is welcome and will determine when/wher/how in the following months.

What you see here is the only photograph that was taken with my camera. A huge thanx goes out to dear friends @thoughtfulrider and @lapaulari for modeling. @palateth_lp of course vaping and lighting the background and @phill_fisher for helping with the UV light. Behind the wall are about a other 6 models that are not visible. Thank you @monikasandelphotographie and all the other who joined in the fun. One 'remix' of this was taken by @hackthelight.

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don't say you did not know about it in time. Last call for our Light Painting event in Berlin on the 5th of October. Www.LightUpBerlin.com if you want to know more.

We will have workshops held by some of greatest light painters known to mankind. 😊 There will be talks, a Light Painting Exhibition, Photo booth, Body painting and of course you can meet like minded artists. Let's create together!

This is one of my first test shots from last night in one of the bunkers for our workshops.

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  • My first Bullet Time Light Painting

Spending a week in China is a week of digital detox. Non of the mainstream media outlets or social hubs. For me it turned into working during the day and Light Painting at night. One of the productive outcomes of last week was my first play with more than 2 Cameras at once. @ninja_miko organised a meet up in Shanghai with some friends who have a rigg for 360° Bullet Time shootings. Most of the cameras were not available but 15 were yet available for some play. We did set it up and I got to test it also for some Light Painting. @lisaw_030_ was luckily with me posing so perfectly as a model. Still could not get rid of the grim in my face. 
Turst me, I would really love to do this more often. I think I have to visit @ericparephoto with his xangle rigg.

Thank you Miko and Lisa! What an adventure. 
If your interested in more there is the video with more footage of this story on YouTube.
https://youtu.be/rl5ghNpAWBA  Check it out. 
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  • Legend of Life

Light Painting trees is always something I am up for. This specimen is so impressive. Could not resist.

111 seconds of waving fibers and lighting the trunk at ISO 50 F22.

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